A Safe Haven for LGBT Youth


LGBT youth is the largest community dealing with homelessness and poverty today, and the problem continues to grow. There is no dedicated facility focused on helping this group of people in the Philadelphia and tri-state area.

Our goal is to provide a safe haven for LGBT youth, to provide educational opportunities, help with job searches, nutritional education and community outreach. We also will provide sex education pertinent to the LGBT community.
As a shelter, we will provide a safe place of residence for people within the LGBT community.

Our shelter will be a controlled atmosphere where residents will not only be safe from street living, but will also enjoy the basic necessities of prosperous living - warmth, food, counseling services, etc. For nonresidents, we will continue to provide hot meals, showers and time off the streets. This is NOT strictly a LGBT effort, it is an effort to help our community as a whole.

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